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Particular emphasis is placed on careful handling and protection of the artefacts to be photographed. Appropriate methods and equipment are employed to produce archive quality digital photographic masters.

Scriptura advocates photographing originals at sufficiently high resolution to maximise the efficacy of the image to meet future requirements, and thus to reduce the need for re-photographing the original.

We believe that the highest quality of image should be the aim of all projects, but we appreciate and respect the fact that this is not always possible, practical or affordable.


The primary aim is to establish the requirements - of the library, the scholar, and the material to be digitised. The details of these requirements together with the characteristics of the material and the intended use of the images will suggest the most appropriate method of digitisation.

A free consultation can be arranged where all aspects of the proposal can be considered and appropriate procedures for handling and security, as well as a suitable location for the work to be carried out safely, can be discussed.


Professional, accurately calibrated equipment is essential in order to ensure that archive quality images are produced. A large format camera, with high quality lenses and suitable lighting is used in conjunction with a precision digital imaging system.

For bound volumes a preservation book cradle is utilised to ensure that full support for the book is provided throughout the process.

The involvement of library staff is integral to every stage of the process and workflow will be determined by the condition of the material to be digitised and other library routines and requirements.

The original image is always provided on a suitable storage medium or device and copyright remains with the institution. Metadata can be supplied on request.


From the archive quality masters it is possible to generate a range of images for specific uses.

Image optimisation or enhancement techniques can be employed to assist with research objectives.

A range of print options is available: from affordable prints for scholars to high quality, large format reproductions for archival storage or exhibition.

Images can also be re-formatted for use on a website, incorporating digital watermarks and copyright statements.


Scriptura specialises in the design and production of software tools and applications that facilitate access to the images and integrates them into scholarly resources and presentations.